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As the organization’s selection letter notes, Law offices of James Crawford is an “impartial third-party attorney rating service and invitation-only legal organization recognizing excellence in practitioners in the field.”

Mr. James Crawford belongs for his criminal law advocacy, adding him to its criminal defense list of the “Top 100 Trial Lawyers

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Most Sought After Criminal Appeals Attorney

​James M. Crawford is one of Southern California's most sought after criminal appeals attorneys with over 22 years of experience in appellate law. With more than 500 appeals under his belt, he is supremely qualified to handle a wide range of state and federal criminal appeals.”
​A skilled appeals lawyer with knowledge of the criminal appeals system, Mr Crawford critically and exhaustively examines the trial records, recognizes and raise the most viable issues, supports these issues with excellent research and writing, and argues them in the best possible way.

Los Angeles criminal appeals attorney


I know that for a fact Mr. Crawford is one of the best attorneys I have ever come across. My son was wrongly convicted and sentenced to 15 years. Mr. Crawford got him out. He did a great job and went beyond the call of duty. I am forever grateful."
Tricia Salgado 
Son was Wrongfully Convicted

I was wrongfully convicted of a violent felony. In total despair, I had given up all hope. Then my cousin told me about James M. Crawford. He helped me file an appeal and won the case! He saved my hide. This guy is something else in the court room. He stood his ground and fought for me. He really cared, and now I'm a free man - rightfully so. Thank you Mr. Crawford!"
Wrongfully Convicted

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