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Can I Appeal if I Plead Guilty?

Yes. But your options are seriously limited. Guilty pleas are intended to be final. In some situations, a conditional guilty plea may be granted with the ability to appeal a specific issue. In other cases, you may file a petition for something called a writ of habeas corpus.

Habeas corpus presents an argument as to why a guilty plea should be withdrawn. For example, what if Joe pleaded guilty to a battery charge because he thought it was the best option? But new evidence shows that Jo actually acted in self defense? If in custody Joe may be able to file a petition for a writ of habeas corpus, with the hope that his conviction will be overturned. If the judge denies the request, he can appeal. If you feel you had made a wrong plea, please call our offices at 714-538-0305.  Mr. Crawford will assist you in making a decision on writs of habeas corpus or appeals.