Recent Verdicts

In Re: Darrell C.: Governor’s decision to deny client parole after being granted parole by the parole board was vacated in Habeas Corpus.

People vs. Steven L.: Defendant was not allowed to hire a new lawyer. Conviction was vacated on appeals.

People vs. Terry H: 70 year sentence vacated. Prosecutor mislead trial judge

People vs. J.C.: order denying motion to withdraw reversed.

In re: John W.: Defendant was told he was facing 115 year Life Sentence. Defendant took a 10 year deal. A Habeas Corpus was filed and defendant's prior conviction was vacated and defendant re-sentenced to time served.

USA vs. D.J: Defendant was charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine. A motion to modify guideline sentence was granted, based on amendments to crack cocaine guidelines.

People vs. Henry R.: Defendant was charged and convicted with 1st degree murder and 2nd degree murder of unborn fetus. On appeal, conviction was reversed. After a second appeal, defendant's conviction was vacated because the prosecutor illegally obtained defendant's confession to a jailhouse informant.

People vs. M.M.: Defendant was charged and convicted of grand theft auto and receiving stolen property. Conviction was reversed on appeals.

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