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Writ of Habeas Corpus

​The Writ of Habeas Corpus is the legal system's last line of defense against unlawful incarceration. Anyone who is in prison, or otherwise restrained in some way by the criminal justice system, can bring a writ of habeas corpus petition to challenge their imprisonment.

Common grounds for habeas petitions include:
•Ineffective assistance of defense counsel
•Prosecutorial misconduct
•Incompetency during trial
•Discovery of new exonerating evidence
•Changes in the law
•Unconstitutional criminal law

As a criminal appeals attorney, Mr. Crawford files writs of habeas corpus to challenge all improper actions at criminal trial. He has been successful appealing convictions and sentencing by investigating new evidence. Mr. Crawford can frequently demonstrate that evidence used at trial should have been suppressed – or that evidence favorable to your defense was wrongly excluded. Habeas corpus writs can be filed many years after appeal rights have expired if new evidence is shown. Habeas corpus writs are an important way to get to the Federal Courts to reverse a state conviction.  

 Habeas petitions are difficult and having a lawyer with experience in habeas practice can make a big difference in your case. Most petitions are denied with no reason or comment from the court. Many lawyers are aware of Habeas Corpus relief, but there are very few attorneys who have experience in preparing and litigating petitions for a Writ of Habeas Corpus. James Crawford not only has experience in habeas corpus cases but something else more important: a track record of success. Mr. Crawford has worked on numerous habeas cases and has achieved results for our clients that have changed their lives.

If the writ is granted, the accused may return to court to have their case reviewed in light of the potential miscarriage of justice. You may be able to reduce your term of imprisonment, or eliminate it entirely!

Having representation from an experienced criminal appeals attorney such as Mr. Crawford can make all the difference to getting your freedom. Your opportunity to discuss Habeas Corpus plans at length and in confidence is your initial consultation with the Law Offices of James M. Crawford. Please call
(714) 538-0305.

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